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The Island of San Pedro is about an hour water taxi ride, and 36 miles from Belize City. I have never seen water as crystal clear as the waters around Belize. I have been throughout theĀ Caribbean, Mexico and Hawaii, but nothing compares to the beauty and color these waters offer.

This is the view you would see if you were flying over the island. It is truly breath taking. You can just imagine how pristine this island is.

It is small enough you can meet nearly everyone on the island within a few short weeks. It is a favorite of divers as well as others who wish to just relax and enjoy the amazing weather. You’ll rarely find a place more friendly or welcoming, but the diving is what they are known for best.

Getting around the island, which has a year round populationĀ of 4,000, is usually done in these golf carts or bicycles that can be rented. There is ample shopping available so in case you haven’t packed ample bathing suits or sandals, you easily find a wide variety to choose from.

You will find banking nearly as easy in the U.S. other than if you are trying to convert dollars to Belizian funds, you will need to wait an average of 24 hours before having the funds available.

November 2007, Island Club Resorts at the Belize Yacht Club was the first resort to offer a fully equipped Vegas style casino on Ambergris Caye, Belize. Casino Belize will feature a variety of many popular casino tables in addition to a multitude of slot machines.


This is the view you will see as you arrive with the water taxi and you’ll find a variety of restaurants and lodging all along the coastline. You’ll have to agree it is colorful and enticing.

You’ll find there are locals selling hand made jewelry and trinkets to bring home for souvenirs. Your stay on San Pedro is guaranteed to be delightful and one of the most pleasant vacations you’ll ever have.


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