Dive Trips

I’ve known many of divers, had many as clients wen I had the travel agency in the 90s. It was one of the most favorite vacations for my clients and the most request destination was Belize.

Once they went to Belize, they got hooked. They would return year after year. They loved the atmosphere, the people and the quality of diving off the island of San Pedro.

The level of diving is beyond what most can even imagine. Especially those who are used to diving in the states or Hawaii. Imagine being able to swim with fish such as this. It’sĀ unsurpassed.

I know the divers will participate in our Treasure Hunt will experience the best time they could imagine.

Every day there will be a new clue, for each individual diver. The divers will locate specific items hidden throughout the dive region and then return with what they have been looking for.

Part of the scoring will include the time it takes them to return and their accumulative score over the five days of diving. The dives will be every other day and will be conducted by the professional dive shops from the area.

It will be a lot of fun and a great week all are sure to remember.


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