Dive Trips

Can you imagine waking up in the most amazing place you’ll ever experience for diving.

What if you could find yourself in one of the best places on earth to dive? What would you do if you found yourself in a place that seems like it was 50 years ago and full of adventure, great local culture and adventures?

Well, that’s the island of San Pedro.

Plain and  simple, you’ll find it a hard time finding a place where diving and feeling a sense of adventure in one place of vacations meccas.

I love the idea of being in a vacation area where it seems like time has stopped. Can  you imagine being in a vacation spot where everyone is only concerned with being in the moment and experiencing the best day ever?

So it is one of the best possible of all scenarios to participate with the locals of San Pedro Island and get out into the water and experience the crystal clear turquoise blue waters where the fish that can be observed are the most amazing and unusual ever seen.The colorful foliage under water is beyond your imagination and the idea of seeing unusual under water foliage is an every day occurance.

So make it a priority and get yourself down to Belize and the Island of San Pedro.

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