Early in the 90s I was going to move to Belize and produce a dive trip once a year. I had just sold my travel agency and one of the favorite destination spots was the Island of San Pedro. It’s about an hour water taxi ride from Belize City and has the second largest barrier reef in the world.

I had a sponsor lined up and my mentor found a resource for the list of divers. It looked like it was a go and the move was on.

Then I ended up having to stay in the Bay Area and put the whole idea on the shelf, until a year ago when I realized what a great idea it will be for a fundraiser for the Ultimate Business University.

Then I ended up meeting Tina who lives in New Jersey. She has decided to head up the dive trip in Belize to help with the fundraising for the school.

We’ll end up doing two of the dive trips and it will generate enough income to pay the teacher’s salaries.

The trips will be 10 days long and will be filled with activities every day. Each of the divers will receive their clues each morning and the diver who tallies the most points will will the treasure of $10,000.

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