Belize City

If you’ve never been to Belize, you’re in for a treat!

Belize is known for it’s great barrier reef, amazing diving and friendly hospitality. The scenery is amazing and you’ll find you are transported back in time to an era where everything slows down. There is no stress allowed in Belize. There are pleasant restaurants where you can sit back, watch the ocean waves lap up onto the beach and enjoy your favorite beverage, mine is a Cosmo. It is refreshing and indicative of the tropical atmosphere.

Coming through the Houston exchange it is about four hours to the very modern Belize International Airport which is about 30 minutes from the heart of Belize City.

There are many hotels to choose from, ranging from hostiles to the Biltmore. Most divers will spend a night or two in Belize City proper then take a water taxi out to the island of San Pedro where most of the dive trips are initiated.

Once on the Island there are more than 50 hotels to choose from and the range is from $100 a night to $700 a night in private Villas. So there is something for everyone.

Once you are settled into your accommodations you’ll enjoy the night life and you’ll find it’s perfectly safe to wander around the streets. Even the shops are open fairly late at night, so even if you didn’t remember to pack everything, you’ll be sure to find what you’re looking for locally!

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