Seascape Escape Villas


Do you love luxury and having every possible amenity at your fingertips, yet long for the creature comforts of home?

We invite you to experience The Seascape Escape some of Belizes’ most luxurious Villas.

Seascape Escape Villas is the answer to your Belizean dreams with all the comforts of home.

Spacious villas feel like your home away from home and are the perfect solution for family vacations with our wonderful, round great rooms you have a magnificent view of the ocean and the space to entertain or just relax and hang out.

Many of our guests say they enjoy being in our villas so much they don’t want to leave to go on their day trips.  But you don’t want to miss out on those excursions because those are the memories you will have forever.

diane on dock

Watch the sunrise from the end of your private dock, surrounded by warm, turquoise waters and the mysteries of the ocean. Feel as though the world revolves around you and that having fun is all that really matters.

White sands hug huge coconut palm trees offering their shade to wayward sailors and fresh coconut for their rum now it is all yours.  First, choose the place that excites you. Add the activities that thrill you.

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Blend with great food and excellent company.

A vacation in paradise!

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